Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Meeting Place!!

4 days ago i posted The last shadow puppets vclip entitled "Meeting Place". Whoa. Very smooth melody accompanied by the beautiful and metaphorical lyrics from Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) and Miles Kane (er..lupe plak name band die).

there there. 2 brilliant lads. salut! (alex left, miles right)

Nway, as i've promised earlier i'll explain or..interpret this song according to my level of understanding and also my level of English. As u know, my English is terribly broken so i doesnt wants to explained to all of you guy about this songs.

First off, this song is about (argh..feels like i'm writing an assignment. God i miss my student life.POYO).. I think it's about a man and a woman who had this "meeting place" and for those "four weeks they trolled around" something blossomed there, but it was stronger for him than it was for her. She had no problem dashing out of the "meeting place," while he still longed for her ("She clings to his consciousness"). So the poor guy is left hurt and heartbroken (he's worried she's waiting in his dreams to drag him back to the meeting place").

That's why he says "his love had left him there, where the voice still echoes." And even though he longed for her, he's sorry he met her because now all he has is time passing since they were together
...But all he has was the words of "I'm sorry I met you." He can't tell her that 'cos she's gone

Yeah, that's my theory there. Probably not even close, but I don't mind because this song is great. Read the lyrics without the music and it reads like poetry. And the throwback sound with the horns and strings is beautiful.

I'm partial to the words at the beginning of the song...It's so abstract, yet I can still understand what he means (or at least I think I do!). "He's worried she's waiting in his dreams to drag him back to the meeting place..." I love love love that part! He's not exactly worried, but he just wants to put that nostalgia behind because if he keeps thinking about this woman, it makes him feel heartbroken. If that's what he means, then I friggin' get it. Been there, done that! Then there's the woman, who "tried so hard to steer away from the meeting place, but her heart had led her there." And yeah, her heart led her there, but she still probably screwed this guy over because he had stronger feelings.

I'm not sure about the subliminal metaphor with the way Alex wrote this song. Sometimes I think he tries to be cryptic and poetic about little details and events (kind of like "The Bakery" and "Too Much Too Ask") and this song could be that too. Probably could be about some girl he had a fling with, and he somehow felt rejected by her.

But I've been wanting to know how Alex and Miles wrote these songs. Did they split the writing in every single song, or was it just like, "I write one song, you write the other"?

Whatever the thing, this song is still awesome. But I already said that, so sorry this was long!

(There u go. My copy+paste interpretation of the song. Truthfully, i'm very tired to write about the meaning of the song and whatnot.hahah. I plainly listen to The Last Shadow Puppets because of their good music, plus the brilliant lyrics. For further information, go to and search for thousands of songs that people have given their opinions and meanings and WHATEVS. ENJOY!)


  1. this is new.

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  2. Miles Kane band dia the Rascals. aku personally think that Standing Next to Me is the best song on the album but yeah Meeting Place has that in denial written all over it.

    I think Kane actually influence Turner in writing songs for LSP cause in AM aku mcm tak boleh nak grasp sgt lyrics yg Turner tulis. Too much hidden meaning behind it.

  3. well i think both lads contributed the same amount of impressive phrases to be included in all of the songs.haha.dua2 makhluk tu pandai weh!patot jadi writer ntok short stories!hahahah

  4. haha ... 'tis okay for us to try to interpret the meaning for male's songs.

    try to understand the female's ... just like wat I tried to understand Beyonce's - If I Were A Boy

  5. well, i'm not a girl, not yet a woman. (tibe2 masuk lirik britney.hahaahh)

    it's not that i don't want to interpret songs sang by females, lady, girl whatevs, it's just that...hmm.aku kurang minat.tunggu lah next time i'll try to give my 2cents for interpreting female songs.haha

  6. aku da bg komen tapi tak kuar. sucks.


    lagu tema *kupendam sebuah duka - khatijah ibrahim*